Still life hand stitched suit lining.

When I moved to Los Angeles from Boston I realized I had a lot of clothes. It was a problem because I didn’t have the same amount of closet space in LA that I had in Boston. I then went through my clothes and started creating piles of clothes labeled “KEEP” or “GIVE AWAY”. I gave a lot of clothes away but there was one pile of clothes that I wanted to keep but because the fit was too large, I was going to have to give them away. I loved the stuff and couldn’t find the heart to give it away.

Just as I was gathering the courage to donate them to somebody, my girlfriend offered some simple advice that I never considered. She said “why don’t you just have that stuff tailored if you don’t like the fit?” After my embarrassing “duh” moment in my head, I’m pretty sure I tried to convince her that I already had that idea.

I asked my stylist friend Vicky for a excellent tailor in town and BOOM, it was on! Older suits now had a modern look and feel. Pants fit perfectly and dress shirts that were once ignored were back in the closet game and incorporated into outfits once again. So take a look at your closet and get a tailor ya dummies!