Nobody likes a smelly guy unless he smells good. Even then, sometimes too much good smell is actually bad. Every guy needs to make sure they apply the right cologne properly. So let’s make some sense out of scents.

How to Apply:

First, never apply a scent while wearing a shirt. Sound weird? Well, you want to always apply it to your bare skin and after a warm shower. Your clothes won’t hold the smell for long. Your pores will take in the scent better and when your body heats up the scent will keep emanating from your skin. However, beware that different brands and types of scents will last longer than others.

I’ll explain the technical terms for scents and what they mean later. At arms length away and at a level below your belly button, spray the cologne straight up into the air and walk into the cloud.

Then spray a little on the inside of one of your arms just a few inches over where your watch goes towards your elbow. Rub inside of the arms together and take those spots and rub them right behind your ears. Boom, you are now colognified!

Parfum vs Eau de toilette vs Eau de Cologne:

One question you always want to ask before you purchase a scent is “is it Parfum, Eau de toilette or Eau de Cologne?” They are literally NOT created equal and the price will indicate that. Each name basically indicates the different concentrations of the scented concoction.

– Eau de Cologne contains 2-5% of the scented oils.

– Eau de Toilette typically contains 10% or 5-15% of the scented oils.

– Eau de Parfum typically contains 15% or 10-20% of the scented oil.

Eau de Parfum will keep it’s scent the longest due to the higher scented oil content and thus will be the most expensive of the three options. This is what I always purchase and what I would recommend. I don’t want to keep reapplying cologne all day and I find that a good parfum will continue smelling great for at least a full workday.

My Recommendations for Scents:


An amazing scent from one of the oldest scent makers in the business. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I have this on. Creed describes its scent as having 3 notes. “Top note: Finest blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples and a burst of royal pineapple. Middle note: Exquisite roses with a complement of dry birch, Moroccan jasmine plus a hint of patchouli. Base note: Musk with a touch of oak moss for depth, then ambergris and a dab of vanilla.”

All I know is that it leaves an unforgettable smell that is sure to leave an impression on whoever smells it. You have to pay big bucks for this darn cologne though. Try searching for a deal on the Internet and you may get lucky with a cheaper price. I use this cologne on special occasions because it is expensive but every time I put it on, I feel like it may just be worth it.

2.5oz is $275
4oz is $330


This is my favorite cologne right now. In fact, I hate that I’m telling you right now because I’ve been keeping this to myself when asked “what are you wearing?” Not sure if I should be happy or sad but a lot of them asking me what scent I have on are actually guys. If Mr. Bond were real, he would be wearing this except he’d be smart enough to not tell anyone. As the name applies, it is a woody smell that just makes me feel ready to tackle the world. They describe this cologne as exotic rosewood, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber but there is no other way to describe it besides sexy. Seriously, I just described a men’s cologne as sexy. Sadly, this sexy cologne will cost ya to smell this good.

1.7oz is $210
3.4oz is $290


This is my girl’s favorite cologne. It really grabs attention and it is a masculine smell but isn’t overpowering. I can’t explain it but it also really puts me in a great mood when I have it on. This might be an excellent option if Oud Wood is too expensive because it also boasts a woody smell mixed with amber. This one isn’t exactly cheap either but it is truly is an excellent scent worth adding to your collection.

$99 for 1.2oz
$138 for 3.3oz