Growing up and living in Boston for 35 years, I have been forced to learn how to layer. I’ve also learned to not follow dumb rules. While I don’t subscribe to wearing light colored suits in the winter, I do disregard that old “no-white after Labor Day” rule.

I also live in Los Angeles now as opposed to frigid Boston so I can bend the rules a bit more now. However, if it’s snowing on the day that you want to wear white jeans, I say “don’t do it”. Don’t be afraid to layer jackets on other jackets. The jean jacket makes the outfit more fun and less formal underneath the “college professor-esque” blazer.

Clothing: Brown Aquaviva Blazer. Authentic vintage Jean jacket by Levi’s. Gitman Bros. “Vintage” navy blue button-down shirt with red dots. High-tops by Common Projects. Photos were taken by James Law.