It’s as if Ferrari combined the looks of a supermodel with the worlds greatest athlete and made it sound like satan was growling when you revved it. I had the opportunity of tracking this beautiful car and it had the best feel of any car I’ve ever driven. I always felt in total control when accelerating or braking at high speeds. Wherever I pointed the nose of the car, it responded with ease. It possesses just the right aggressiveness and poise. It is simply a brilliant machine.

THE AUDI R8 5.2.
This is by far the nicest car I’ve ever owned. I can still hear the roar of when I would turn the ignition on that V10 in the morning. The sound of when you rev the engine is intoxicating and the feel of the car was unlike anything I’ve ever owned. Purchasing the car with the manual transmission was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. The click of putting that monster into gear made me feel like I was one with the car. They say if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was meant to be. How I miss you Sasha. That was her name and she will not be forgotten. Many days I catch myself plotting of a way to get her back.

Can’t say that I’ve ever owned or driven this car but I did have a model car just like James Bond had in the movie “Goldfinger” when I was a kid. Does that count? It had the bullet proof screens, guns that came out, license plate that changed with a push of a button etc but I just loved the way that it looked. Not many sports cars combine the class, elegance and sportiness of an Aston Martin. To this day, I’m a still fan of the beautiful Aston line of sports cars. Oh what I would do to own that same silver DB5 that James Bond had.

We all know the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and this saying can truly describe the perfection that is the Porsche 911. Little has been done to change this sports car since 1963. Yep, they pretty much got it right with this machine in the 60’s. I’ve driven a few different variations of this rear engined “grand tourer” and they all have impressed me with their balance, speed and overall drivability. German engineering should have a picture of the 911 as it’s definition.

The first time I laid eyes on one, I immediately starting planning, “How do I get one of these?” When I found out how much a mint condition one costs, I then started asking myself “how do I steal one of these?” With a top speed of 160 mph, it was the fastest car in it’s day and was the first to inject fuel into the cylinders. This is still one of the most beautiful cars in the world in my opinion and when you see one with it’s doors flipped open and looking like it’s ready to sore into the heavens, you start asking yourself as I did, “how do I get one of these?”