The country of Sweden is a pretty amazing place. They have beautiful people, they are part of a fascinating Scandinavian culture and places like Sweden, Norway and Denmark have become well known for their fashion the last several years. Of course Sweden is known for H&M but they are known for many other brands like Nudie, Tiger of Sweden, J. Lindeberg, Acne and WeSC.

On my last trip to Stockholm, I had an opportunity to do a little walking around. It was cold but it didn’t matter. I fed myself pretty well there and was always able to stop at one of the many cafes and grab a hot coffee if I needed to warm up. I noticed that the people in Stockholm were quite friendly, open minded and helpful if I needed to find my way around. It was rare if I bumped into someone who didn’t speak English well.

It is a pretty cold city year round but it never stops them from dressing well and having a good time. They can drink and they can party and I did my best to stay with them despite the time change but in the end, it was Sweden 1, Florian 0. It is my hope that I wasn’t representing “Team USA” in the nightlife game because I didn’t last too long. The bars and clubs that I did hang out in were quite fun. Girls were easy to talk to, music was great and the bartenders were happy to take your order despite the craziness.

I must say, the Swedes will always figure out a way to have a good time in the cold weather. It makes sense considering the Vikings are basically responsible for being the first to use skis as a form of recreation instead of strictly transportation.

On one of my walks around Stockholm, I made quite a nice discovery. I found a boutique called “The Casbah”. It is a men’s and women’s store that carries very unique, well-made and fashionable pieces. I spent my time trying on various articles of clothing that I haven’t seen in the states before. The sales staff was attentive without being aggressive and the staff was extremely helpful. They had an excellent selection of Japanese and Scandinavian brands.


One brand that really caught me eye and made my wallet a little lighter was a Danish brand called Knowledge Cotton Apparel. They had everything like leather goods, denim, sweatshirts, tees, button-downs, underwear and trousers. Everything seemed to be tailored perfectly.

The brand has a style very similar to Gant Rugger/Michael Bastian with a very particular attention for caring for the environment. Any products that can be manufactured with organic materials and any process that is best for the environment are used. It is rare to see a company with such great style and business practices. Salute to these guys for not compromising.

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